Payment Options

Clarksville Gas and Water offers a variety of bill payment options for customers to conveniently pay their bill, day or night. 

  1. Automatic Bank Draft
  2. Pay by Text
  3. Utility Billing Line
  4. WebConnect
  5. One-Time Payment
  6. Mail
  7. Call Center Representative
  8. Service Centers
  9. NEW: Kiosk PAY SITE Payment


Budget billing enrollment is offered in April, May and June.


Conveniently pay your Gas and Water bill at any of the authorized collection agents listed (Clarksville bank locations only).

Please ensure that you have your entire bill. Authorized Collection Agents are not allowed to accept payments unless they are paid before the due date and are accompanied by your entire bill.

  • City Hall
  • Legends Bank (all Clarksville locations)