CTS Transit Center Relocation


In March 2017 the Clarksville Transfer Center Relocation Feasibility Study Final Report was completed by WSP / Parsons Brinkerhoff. Since then the City of Clarksville Mayor’s Office, Clarksville Transit System (CTS), Clarksville Urbanized Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CUAMPO), and Clarksville Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission (CMCRPC) have been exploring the feasibility and purchase of land for the relocation of the transit center currently located on Legion Street. The March 2017 plan identified 29 parcels or groups of parcels for consideration for a future transfer station to meet CTS’s needs well into the future. These parcels were all generally located within 1 mile of the current transfer center and represented a mix of vacant and occupied parcels.

Several attempts to negotiate with some of the parcel owners have not resulted in final offers being made and other properties once investigated further did not pass environmental or geological testing. Of the original 29 options the top 5 sites are no longer feasible necessitating an additional analysis of options in an ever growing and evolving downtown area.

This addendum to the March 2017 plan explores additional parcels and groups of parcels that the City of Clarksville may consider for a future transfer station for CTS. These parcels are listed below.

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LOCATION 1: 329-331, 341, 345 UNION ST & 420-428 MADISON ST

Location 1, at the corner of Madison Street and Union Street, is adjacent to one of the highest-ranking locations in the 2017 study. The location of the current Dollar General and Habitat for Humanity Restore to the west ranked very high but in initial negotiations the majority of the parking is owned by Madison Street United Methodist Church which was willing to negotiate but finding alternative parking for them became a challenge. These properties are geographically near the current transfer center, only 3 blocks away. The potential for accesses to Madison Street and Union Street as well as the pedestrian facilities along the downtown streets makes it an ideal site for users in and around downtown. It also will not stress the current transit route system since the move would only be 3 blocks difference. There are no homes located adjacent to the site and the road system is not heavily traveled during many times of the day. Destination sites are within a half mile distance such as Historic Franklin Street and Strawberry Alley, Downtown Commons, City Hall, County Courts, and other government services.

In addition, Cooper Place, the side street adjacent to these parcels, is used by CTS when events around the current downtown prevent the temporary use of the current transfer center. The location is known to work well and is familiar to the bus operators.

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